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Hi, I'm Henrietta.

An expert on organic & biodynamic wines made from rare grapes coming from the countries of their origin.



Serendipity, an accidental trip to Bordeaux, and then Tokaj is what brought me and wine together. Years passed and today I'm a WSET 3 certified advocate of rare wines, grape varieties often revived from extinction, cultivated sustainably, organically, or biodynamically in the countries of their origin.

Native grapes expressing the beauty of their Terroirs.

Welcome to Terroir Journey.

Our Services

Vertical Sauternes wine tasting at Chateau Guiraud organic certified winery in Sauternes

Tailored wine tasting events

Only unique and hard to find wines with me! Rare, often almost extinct grapes, boutique wineries with limited production and, of course, me - a WSET certified wine advisor to guide you through all of these!

Amphora wine making in a biodynamic winery in Bordeaux

Natural wine tours

Let's roam the vineyards of the most obscure Italian wine regions together, stop by a small family run winery in Croatia making wines of local grapes, passing on the region's traditions from generation to generation. Or, perhaps, find a bunch of rebellious and young viticulturists in Spain that do everything "the other way round" as a rule of principle. Always low intervention, biodynamic & organic wineries. Ready to go?

chateau in Bordeaux

Are you planning to buy a winery in Europe? Or perhaps planning to innovate and re-design your existing wine business?

I've seen the wine scene from all the angles and I can help you from complete winery management to filling in the missing elements in your wine business like wine sales, marketing, recruitment or getting organic and biodynamic certified.


vegan wine tasting in Amsterdam

Guiding through wine lists and creating your personal wine collection at home

Navigating the wine store aisle, restaurant wine list, or trying to set up a home wine collection without a wine credential? I know how it feels! In fact, once you get the logic it might become a very pleasant experience even without a wine encyclopedia in your pocket. Or well, let me be your walking winecyclopedia!