Chamlija Teruar Serisi Huyuk Baglari

Hi, I'm Henrietta Straton, a WSET 3 certified wine educator, wine traveller and consultant. I do a lot of things around wine!

During my studies and meetings with winemakers logic brought me to the conclusion that no wine is worth destroying the health of our planet and thus my focus turned mainly to biodynamic and organic producers that bring life instead of destruction to their ecosystems.


Besides that, I believe that viticulture is a lot more about culture, than alcoholic beverages. Wine has been made on our planet for more than 8000 years and there are grape varieties that have been around for thousands of years.

Wouldn't the taste of your wine be more special if you thought about it this way?

 These grape varieties and the regions they belong to are part of our intangible cultural heritage.


I admire producers that focus on grapes native to their regions, that spend time and money on reviving extinct grape varieties and promote them among consumers. Therefore, on this website (and beyond) I always give priority to winemakers that are loyal to the grapes of their regions.