About Terroir Journey

What is terroir? Soil, climate, elevation, geographical influencers, natural catastrophes, yeasts and microbes in the winery, the people...

It's never been an easy question :) For me terroir is what makes the wine in my glass special. It's where the wine's story comes from. Without it, it's just a fermented grape juice what you drink - it can be flawless, but isn't beauty in its' rebellious flaws?

My name is Henrietta 

I'm travelling to either obscure wine regions which are normally off the radar of most of wine consumers, or to well-known established appellations but always with a focus on boutique wineries, producing wine of exceptional quality in limited quantities.

With me you will discover the best wineries to visit in Europe and beyond if you are looking for rare, uncommon wine

Be ready to meet rebellious winemakers in this blog - as my characters are all coming from the world of Natural wine, producers that switched to biodynamic and organic farming. Sometimes they're certified, sometimes they're too rebellious to do so - but whatever is posted on these pages is tasted and investigated by me ;)


My wine blog will be useful for beginners who want to understand the diverse winemaking processes, so don't expect only wine tasting notes here ;) At the same time, I hope to please the curiosity of experienced wine geeks who will find here a lot of information about extinct grape varieties, obscure wine routes and boutique wineries.

Henrietta Sztraton
  • WSET 3

  • indigenous grape varieties

  • wine history

  • viticulture & oenology

  • soils, climates and winemaking techniques

  • wine tastings