Consultancy services for wineries


My à la carte service to meet the needs of your winery

Are you setting up your dream winery from scratch?

Or perhaps want to re-design your existing wine business?

​I've seen the wine business scene from every possible angle - from within the cellar and vat room and from the counters of wine fairs and tastings. 

As a producer you want to have a successful business while keeping it the expression of your wine tastes, your passions. Your winery should express who you are.

But still... be profitable :)

Whether you are just planning to start your own winery or trying to boost the performance of an existing wine business, drive wine sales, redesign your visuals and change the line of wines you produce Terroir Journey is here for you!


What We Do


Buying a winery in Europe


We discuss your wine preferences, lifestyle expectations as a new vigneron, budget for winery and (!) what's your expectations from your new wine businesss, how much revenue you'd like to gain, the style of wines you want to make, how much risk you are ready to take.

Winery Audit & Business Plan


Strategy, plan for innovations, per bottle price and turnover, and, most importantly, your return on investment. The French say that in order to be a millionaire, a wine-maker must start out a billionaire!”. And although this is a joke, remember that winemaking is not a way to get rich quickly. But a proper business plan will ensure that the revenue flow will be steady.

Starting an organic & biodynamic winery

I'll help you go through the biodynamic or organic certification process in your country, connect with the experts on biodynamic and organic winemaking and vineyard management. Most importantly, I'll ensure that you have the right sales channels and the perfect niche consumers for the sustainable wines you'll produce.

Recruitment for wineries

From complete management of your winery to finding the right people to support you in your business on all four pillars - winemaking, viticulture, sales and management.

Together we will evaluate the existing staff of your wine business and decide who do you need to hire (or fire).

Marketing & Communications for Wineries

Last but not least, we have to set up the outer image - website and social media for your winery, design or redesign of wine labels, setting up a wine tourism business, creating wine tours and wine tasting packages, representations on wine fairs.

The Consultancy Services for Wineries are 100%  à la carte, tailored to you and your winery.

Reach out to start re-designing your wine business