Terms & Conditions

Wine Consultation

  1. Wine consultation is a service related to topics around wine. No subject other than wine related can be discussed during the meeting. Failure to follow this rule leads to a non-refundable cancellation.

  2. Wine consultation is a service provided only to those of Minimum Legal Drinking Age. By booking this service you confirm that you meet the Minimum Legal Drinking Age in your country.

  3. Wine consultation is a prepaid service with a determined duration.

  4. The standard consultations are 30 min long, the cost is 60 EUR.

  5. In case of further need you can buy a bundle of consultations at a set price. This will be a custom offer tailored to your situation.

  6. You may cancel or reschedule your consultation within minimum 24 hours before your appointment. In case of cancellation 24 hours in advance you will receive the full refund. Cancellations with a shorter notice are non refundable and non transferable.

  7. When booking your consultation you are required to provide an agenda for the call - as many details as possible related to the subject you want to discuss. This will allow us to use the time allocated with better results. In case the details are non sufficient you might not get all the necessary answers out of the call.

  8. You will receive a payment link with the confirmation email from me. You have 24h to pay for the consultation otherwise your timeslot might be passed to someone else and your reservation will be  automatically cancelled.

  9. Wine Consultation is a service for amateur wine lovers. Within the Wine Consultation service I do not give professional advice on topics like wine selection or wine service for businesses (bars, restaurants, hotels). Neither I help with selection and purchase of wines on auctions, or setting up collections with wines over 500$ per bottle cost. I can offer this kind of services but they will be custom made and tailored to your specific situation. Please reach out via hello@terroirjourney.com if you want to discuss services other than the ones available via the Wine Consultation.