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Private Wine Tastings

Tasting wine is the best way to learn about wine, and I don't think anyone complains about this reality :) Enjoy a private wine tasting event at your home, office, or restaurant of your choice only for your small group of friends, family, or coworkers. The Private Sommelier is available throughout the Netherlands.

Private Sommelier

This is what to expect from a private wine tasting with Terroir Journey

groups from 6 people


starting from 6 different wines


includes wine glasses


​the presentation of the wines, additional printed materials about the wines we will taste

catering or bites can be arranged separatly

Price: contact to get a quote


What kind of wines will you taste

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What kind of wines will you taste


Most of the wines are sourced directly from wineries, most of them are not available in the Netherlands or practically impossible to find in retail. These are high quality wines representing well the grape varieties and the terroir they come from.

We work with organic, biodynamic and sustainable wineries mostly.

All the wines included in the tastings are made from indigenous (native to their regions) grapes.

This is the core idea of Terroir Journey as a company.

You can let us know your personal preferences and we will find the right wine match (for example, if you want only red wines, or only sparkling wines, or wines from a specific country, vegan wines etc.)

We can adjust the level of complexity of the explanations if you let us know a little bit more about the guests, how much they know about wine and whether they have any wine certifications.


Get in touch to discuss the details

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"You have inspired me to continue study the wine!"

Olga M.

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