Bucharest Wine Events 

by Secret Wine Society

Underground Wine Events in Bucharest. Once a month.

Exclusively for wine enthusiasts.

A passion for wine shared among like-minded people.

Discover amazing obscure wines, meet wine lovers in unconventional places. 

Meet Wine Lovers

Is wine a passion or a profession for you? Or maybe both? We welcome people who pursue certifications in wine industry, who work in wine or simply love tasting, sharing and talking wine.

Discover Obscure Wines 

Boutique wines from small growers are hard to find. Wine lists of bars and restaurants are full of mainstream labels, both sky-high priced and simple consumer wines. Let us introduce you to jewels of winemaking from all the globe.

Secret Wine Locations

Unconventional locations for inspirational wine discussions led by knowledgeable sommeliers. Ready to have the most unforgettable tasting of your life?

How does it work

Join the waitlist...

and let us know as much as possible about your connection to wine. Yes, it will take a while, right? But each event is limited to 10 people, so we must stay selective.

Once a spot opens...

we will notify you by email the TIME, DATE AND PRICE of the event. You will have 48 hours to confirm your spot with a payment. If not, your spot will be offered to someone else and you'll move to the end of waiting list.

After you confirm...

we send you the location 24h before the start. Meanwhile, the only thing you should do is choosing an outfit - comfortable enough to enjoy yourself and snobby enough to be in tune with others. The rest is on us!

Join the waiting list
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