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Terms & Conditions

Terroir Journey by The Indigenous Products BV
Amsterdam, Netherlands | +31627083983 |
Wine Tours

1. The Traveller must give Terroir Journey accurate information about how he or she can be contacted. As a minimum this includes name, address, telephone number(s)  and email.

2. Travel programs published by Terroir Journey on its web site, in brochures and other documentation is preliminary and subject to change.

3. The program that have been agreed between the Traveller and Terroir Journey must be specified in writing in the Booking confirmation in order to be valid.

4. The Traveller shall pay the fee for the Tour at the latest on the date specified in the booking confirmation.

5. If the Traveller does not pay the agreed price Terroir Journey has the right to cancel the agreement and retain the Booking fee.

6. The Traveller should pay the fee for the tour according to the following:

6.1. Booking more than one month before the beginning of the Tour:

  • The Booking must be confirmed by the Traveller within five (5) days by paying a Booking Deposit (Booking Fee). The booking fee is specified in the program description for each Tour.

  • The remainder of the price of the tour (i.e. the full price of the tour, including extras, such as single room supplement) should be paid to and received by Terroir Journey no later than 30 days before the beginning of the Tour.

  • Some tours have payment conditions that are different from this. In those cases the specific payment conditions are detailed in the tour program.


6.2. Booking later than one month before the beginning of the Tour:

  • The full price of the Tour should be paid to and received by Terroir Journey within four (4) days of booking.

If the traveller does not pay the Booking Fee within the specified time Terroir Journey has the right to consider the booking as annulled and not booked.

If the full price of the Tour is not paid within the specified time Terroir Journey has the right to consider the Tour Booking as cancelled and to retain the Booking fee.

7. The cancellation rules valid for any specific tour are specified in the detailed program description for that tour.

Most of Terroir Journey’s tours have the following cancellation terms:

7.1. If the Traveller cancels his/her booking:

  • more than 30 days prior to the beginning of the Tour: the Traveller receives full refund.

  • Less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the Tour: the Traveller pays 50% of the full tour price.

  • Due to wineries' regulations every participant must present a valid COVID vaccination certificate/green pass (EU approved) on the first day of the tour before checking in to the hotel. Failure to present this certificate will be considered as a cancellation. Therefore the traveller must pay the 50% of the full tour price.


7.2. Some tours have cancellation rules that are different from this. The specific cancellation conditions are detailed in the program each tour.

8. Cancellation insurance

Terroir Journey does not provide cancellation insurance. A Traveller who wishes to subscribe to a “cancellation insurance” must do so independently. (A Traveller who has subscribed to cancellation insurance from a third party is still fully responsible for payment to Terroir Journey according to the payment conditions in the Agreement. The Traveller should address any reimbursement requests to the third party insurer.)


9. Traveller’s right to transfer the Agreement

The Traveller may transfer the Agreement to another person who qualifies to participate in the Tour. The Traveller must in a reasonable time before the beginning of the Tour inform Terroir Journey of such a transfer.


10. Terroir Journey Program changes

The detailed program for a Tour is sometimes defined later than the publication of the program on Terroir Journey’s site or in a brochure. The planned visits and other elements of the published program are to be considered as preliminary. The final and definitive program will have in all substance identical or equivalent characteristics to the preliminary program unless the Traveller is informed by Terroir Journey of substantial and significant changes.

11. Terroir Journey - Errors

Terroir Journey declines responsibility for typographic and other inadvertent mistakes in program and price lists.

12. The Traveller’s right to annul the Agreement

12.1. The Traveller has the right to annul the agreement if the Organiser declares that he/she will not fulfil the substantial commitments in the program, which are of importance to the Traveller. The Traveller can also annul the Agreement if the terms and conditions are substantially changed to his detriment.

12.2. If the Organiser intends to break the agreement or wants to modify the terms and conditions, he/she shall inform the Traveller thereof and of the Traveller’s right to annul the Agreement according to the first paragraph.

12.3. The Traveller shall inform the Organiser within a reasonable time frame if he wishes to annul the Agreement, and unless he so does he forfeits his right to annul the Agreement.

13. Traveller’s right to substitution tour

If the Traveller annuls the Agreement according to 12.1. he has the right to a substitution Tour of equal quality as the one originally booked, if the Organiser can offer such a Tour. If the Traveller accepts a substitution Tour of lesser quality the Traveller has the right to compensation for the corresponding price difference.

14. If the Traveller chooses not to accept a substitution Tour, or if such a Tour cannot be offered, the Traveller has the right to be reimbursed without delay for any payments made for the Tour.

The above two paragraphs apply if the Organiser cancels the Tour without the Traveller being responsible therefore, except in the case given in section 15. below.

15. Traveller’s right to compensation, Organiser’s cancellation of Tour

15.1. In cases described 13. the traveller may have the right to compensation from the Organiser if such is reasonable.

Right to compensation does not apply if the Organiser can show that:

  1. Fewer persons than the defined minimum number of persons for the tour registered for the Tour and the Traveller is informed in writing at a minimum 14 days before the Tour that the Tour is cancelled.

  2. The Tour cannot take place due to elements/events outside the control of the Organiser and that the Organiser could not reasonably have foreseen such elements/events when the Agreement was entered into, and that the Organiser could not reasonably have avoided or surpassed such obstacles.


16. Terroir Journey’s Minimum number of participants on Terroir Journey Tours

In the program description for each Tour the minimum number of Travellers is specified. It is also specified at what date this minimum number of travellers must have registered.

(Note: A typical Terroir Journey Tour has a minimum of 10 participants. The date at which the minimum number of participants must be reached is typically 2 months before the beginning of the Tour. At that date it is decided whether the Tour will take place of not. Such an early date of decision is chosen in order to facilitate for the Traveller to arrange for any connecting travel or other arrangements.)

17. Price changes

17.1. In the case of an increased cost base for a Tour for the Organiser after the Agreement according to 1.5 has been entered into, the Organiser may raise the price of the Tour with an amount that reflects the increased costs if these are due to:

  1. changes in transportation costs

  2. changes in taxes, customs duties or fees for services that are part of the Tour

  3. changes in exchange rates that affect the Organisers costs for the Tour


17.2. The price may be changed with an amount that corresponds to the Traveller’s part of such increased costs as described in 1 – 3 above. Such price modification may only be done for changes above a minimum of 50 EUR. The price may not be raised within 20 days of the Tour. The Organiser must inform the Traveller without delay of such changes.

17.3. The price of the Tour should be lowered if the costs for the Organiser have decreased, no later than 20 days prior to the Tour, for the same reasons as detailed above, have decreased. The price should be modified only if the modification is superior to 50 EUR.

18. Traveller’s modification of the Agreement

18.1. If the traveller modifies his/her booking Terroir Journey has the right to charge a booking modification fee in accordance with any increased costs such a change leads to. The modification charge will be as a minimum 20 EUR.

19. Organiser’s and Traveller’s right to annul the Agreement due to major events etc

19.1. The Organiser and the Traveller may annul the Agreement, after it has come into effect if, on or near the Tour destination or along the planned Tour route, events such as natural catastrophe, act of war, general strike or other major event (“force majeur”) that substantially impacts the Tour or the conditions at the Tour destination occurs at the time of the Tour.

19.2. To judge if events are of such major characteristic as defined above Dutch or international authorities should be consulted.

20. Organiser’s changes after the beginning of the Tour, deviations from specifications

20.1. Services not delivered

If, after the beginning of the Tour, substantial parts of the services included in the Tour cannot be supplied as planned, the Organiser shall organise appropriate alternative arrangements without any surcharge for the Traveller.

If such a change leads to an inferior service to the Traveller, he may, if reasonable, be eligible for a price reduction or compensation.

20.2. Other issues and non-conformities

If other substantial deviations other than such described above occur the Traveller may be eligible for price reduction and compensation, if the deviations are not of his causing.

The Traveller does not have any right to compensation if the Organiser shows that the deviation is due to factors outside of his control and that he could not reasonably have been expected to foresee when the Agreement was entered into, and that he could not reasonably have avoided or surpassed. If such deviations occur the Organiser shall give reasonable assistance to the Traveller.


21. Complaints and corrections

21.1. The Traveller cannot claim for deviations if he has not notified the Organiser of the deviation within reasonable time after he has discovered the deviation or could have reasonably been expected to notice it. The Traveller should, if at all possible, notify the Organiser during the Tour.

21.2. If the Traveller presents complaints that are not unreasonable the Organiser, or his on-site representative, should without delay try and find an appropriate solution.

22. Terroir Journey Corrections

Any complaints or claims should in the first instance be addressed to Terroir Journey on-site representative. If reasonable correction cannot be organised and this would motivate partial repayment or compensation, this will be counted from the time when the complaint or claim is presented to Terroir Journey’s representative and to such time when a reasonable solution has been found. Any claim for repayment or compensation must be done in writing to Terroir Journey no later than two months after the end of the Tour.

23. The responsibility of the Traveller during the Tour

23.1. Instructions by the Organiser etc.

The traveller shall follow instructions given by the Terroir Journey representative for the good conduct of the Tour. The traveller shall follow reasonable code of conduct for the Tour, for transport, hotel etc and behaviour should be such as to not disturb fellow travellers or others. If the Traveller in a significant way deviates from appropriate code of conduct the Organiser may cancel the Agreement.

23.2. The Traveller’s responsibility for damage

The Traveller is responsible for damage caused by him to the Organiser or to others by, for example, not following given instructions.

24. Passport, visa, health regulations change

Before booking the tour the Traveller should research official information about any applicable health regulations, to the extent that it is of importance for the Traveller, and about passport and visa regulations for citizens of the European Economic Community.

The Traveller is responsible to make appropriate personal preparations or arrangements for the Tour, such as, if needed, having a valid passport and visa, vaccination, insurance etc.

The traveller is responsible for any costs due to him not having made such personal preparation and arrangements, e.g. cost of home transport due to not having a valid passport when required.

If the Traveller fails to arrive at the destination country and fails to be present at the meeting point due to not respecting the Passport, Visa and Health Regulations the Agreement is considered to be annulled and the full tour fee is non refundable.

In case the Traveller struggles finding appropriate information about the regulations at the country of destination he/she may ask assistance from the Organiser in sharing the relevant information prior booking the tour.


25. Vaccinations

Due to wineries' regulations, every participant must present a valid in the EU, COVID vaccination certificate/green pass to be admitted to the tour.

Some countries require specific, compulsory vaccination on entry; for some destinations, vaccinations are required. Terroir Journey destinations typically do not require any specific vaccinations. However, the Traveller is responsible for verifying what requirements for vaccination exists for him to the Tour destination of the Terroir Journey Tour.

26. Traveller leaving the Tour

If a Traveller during the course of a Tour leaves the Tour he/she must inform Terroir Journey or Terroir Journey’s on-site representative beforehand.

27. Travel insurance

The Traveller must arrange for his own personal travel insurance independently with a third party for the Tour (theft, health, repatriation, liability, accident, capital, etc). Terroir Journey does not provide personal travel insurance.

Terroir Journey is not responsible for any costs due to Traveller not having arranged for personal travel insurance.

28. Disputes and jurisdiction

The parties should endeavor to resolve any disputes arising from the Agreement through amicable negotiation. If the parties cannot reach an agreement the matter may be taken to the Public Complaints Commission or to court.

29. Terroir Journey Jurisdiction

The Agreement is governed by Dutch law.

Any conflicts not resolved by negotiation between the parties can be taken to for resolution to Dutch administration and courts only.

30. Age of Traveller

The minimum age to travel on a Terroir Journey Tour is 18 years of age. 

31. Health

31.1. There are no specific health requirements in order to take part in a Terroir Journey Tour. However, the nature of the Tours is such that the Traveller can be expected to be standing during long periods of time when visiting wineries, vineyards, wine cellars etc. The Traveller can also be expected to walk certain distances when visiting vineyards or wineries and sometimes negotiate flights of stairs. Transport during the tour is not usually adapted for wheelchairs or disabled people, neither are hotels. Travellers of great age, or of such physical health, that may have difficulties standing or walking, or who may have other health conditions (e.g. serious allergies) that may affect their participation in the Tour and the appreciation thereof should contact Terroir Journey for advice on the question before booking (or as soon as such a health situation occurs).

31.2. Health care

Terroir Journey recommends the Traveller makes sure that he has the European health insurance certificate that can be obtained from appropriate government health authorities within the European Union, for travellers coming from EU countries. Terroir Journey also recommends that the Traveller considers organising for a third party travel health insurance.

32. Pets

32.1. Pets are not allowed on Terroir Journey tours.

33. The Traveller should expect that during the tour the Organiser might take photos and videos. These materials might be shared on Terroir Journey’s website, social media, and other branded materials.




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