Terms & Conditions



1. You must be of legal age to consume alcohol in your country to purchase and use this service. 

2. The product is a package of 1-5-10 - Somm-on-the-Phone requests.

3. The purchase is non-refundable.

4. You must buy your package of Somm-on-the-Phone requests minimum 72 hours before using it.

5. You must book the appointment with Somm minimum 48 hours in advance.

6. Once booked your request is cancellable for free until 24 hours before the booked timeslot. The money is non-refundable. You can reuse your request at another time. You must fill the form again for the new booking. 

7. We don’t accept cancellation with a notice of less than 24 hours.

8. After filling the reservation form you will receive a confirmation email from hello@terroirjourney.com with a booking form to fill in every time you need a Somm-on-the-Phone.

9. It’s important to fill in the form every time you need me! I don’t accept requests via WhatsApp without prior filling the form that comes in the email with purchase confirmation.

10. If you didn’t receive the email with the booking form within 24h after purchase, check your spam and promotions folder and if it's not there either reach out to hello@terroirjourney.com

11. Mind your connection to the internet once in the restaurant! As a proof of receipt I’m taking a screenshot of every WhatsApp request as soon as it arrives and sending you back automatically!

12. You are booking the Somm-on-the-phone for a specific 30 min timeslot availablity, for example 8 - 8:30 pm or 10:30 to 11 pm etc. 

13. When will you receive the wine recommendation? There are different options depending on how you made your request:


I. Most preferred option for you and me - you book the Somm-on-Phone service min 48h in advance, mention in your request the link to the restaurant’s page & wine list, what time is your reservation at the restaurant, what’s your budget per bottle, tell me how many people are coming, what is the planned meal choice, occasion - latest 2h before your reservation at the restaurant you’ll have a selection of 3 wines that matches your criteria and basic information with some interesting facts about the wine region, producer etc. This is the best choice for you as you’ll have time to learn these facts about the wines and impress your friends, colleagues or date!

II. You book the Somm-on-Phone service min 48h in advance, mention in your request the name of the restaurant but they have no wine list available online. You tell me what time is your reservation at the restaurant, what’s your budget per bottle, tell me how many people are coming, what is the planned meal choice, occasion. In this case it’s important that you arrive to the restaurant a bit earlier or worst case on time and text me and send a photo of the wine list immediately as you arrive.

Hint #1: if you have guests to impress I highly recommend arriving earlier and taking photos of the wine list before they arrive, without witnesses I will send you the selection of the 3 wines and facts about the regions and producers within 10 minutes of receiving your photos.


Hint #2: if you are going out fine dining and the restaurant doesn’t have a wine list available online it’s totally fine to ask them to send their wine list and menu to you via WhatsApp in advance as you’d like to take your time to make a conscious choice ;) 


14. By default I’m sending you a selection of 3 wines of similar profile that will match the main course of your dining experience. #1 is always the best choice, #2 is the second choice, #3 is the third choice. I do it to ensure you have at least one of them available in case some wines from the list are not in stock.

15. In case you want a selection of 3 different wines, for example - a red or a white, a sparkling, a sweet wine, there two options:

I. You should buy 3 Somm-on-the-Phone requests and mention in each request that you want, for example, a different wine for starters, main course, dessert etc. For each meal I’ll send you a selection of 3 wines, so for example: 3 sparkling wines for the starters, 3 red/white wines for main course, 3 sweet/fortified wines for dessert etc. In this case for each meal you would need to use 1 Somm-on-the-Phone request, so 3 requests for a 3 course dinner. It’s highly recommended to make the request attaching the link or photos of the wine list in advance as mentioned above in point 13.I.

In case it’s not possible then point 13.II applies and you must book your requests half an hour apart from each other. Example of a multiple request booking for the same date:

Request #1 - Appetizers - 8 - 8:30 pm

Request #2 - Main course - 8:30 - 9 pm

Request #3 - Dessert - 9 - 9:30 pm

In such situation, you must send the photos of the wine list as soon as you arrive, no later than 8:30 pm. You will receive your wine recommendations as described below:

Three (3) wines for Request #1 - max 10 min after the photos of the wine list are received by me (as proof of receipt you automatically receive a screenshot from me)

Three (3) wines for Request #2 - within the timeframe selected for Request #2, so between 8:30 and 9 pm

Three (3) wines for Request #3 - within the timeframe selected for Request #3, so between 9 and 9:30 pm


II. Second option is you being ready to risk :) You can mention in the booking request that unlike the default setting, you want 3 different wines for 3 different courses (mention them please to allow me to pair the wine well with food). In this case I’ll send you One (1) wine recommendation for each course and you will use only One (1) paid Somm-on-the-Phone request. I cannot guarantee that the wine will be available once you ask for it as restaurant wine lists often include more wines than they actually have in stock. I am not responsible for the wine not being available and I do recommend using separate requests for each course to ensure you receive a selection of Three (3) wines for each course from me and have a pleasant dining experience with a well matching wine!

16. Sometimes wine lists are limited and especially if it’s not red or white wine that you want but a wine to pair your dessert with there might not be too many choices in the wine list. I am not responsible for the quantity of the wines in restaurants’ wine lists, in case the choice is only between three or less wines I will send you my recommendation from Most Preferred to Least Preferred and, of course, information about the wine region and/or producer, or some interesting facts about the wine or the way it’s made - something that you can use to impress your guests! In case your guests are questioning your knowledge you can always refer to TerroirJourney.com and say you learned it from there! Let them try to question me, not you!

17. Not often but sometimes it happens and the wine is corked, basically, not suitable for a joyful consumption. I am not responsible for your wine arriving corked, I am giving my recommendation assuming the wine in the restaurant is kept in the right conditions and delivered from the winery and distributor in proper conditions that will maintain the wine in its’ best shape. In case your wine feels wrong you can always (!) send it back mentioning that it’s corked. Here’s how to understand if your wine is corked.

18. The service is available only for WINES. I do not send recommendations related to other spirits like cognac, armagnac, whiskey, vodka, gin etc.


19. The service is available only in English. I accept restaurant wine lists only written with Latin or Cyrilic characters! Due to my limited language capabilities I do not accept wine lists writen using any other characters.