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Wine Tasting Events


Wine Tasting Events
in the Netherlands

terroir, rare grape varieties and food pairings


No upcoming events at the moment

Photos from our past wine and food pairings

Ready to connect with like-minded wine lovers? Join our wine and food pairings in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands!

Terroir Journey organizes wine tastings since 2019 internationally. We only focus on wines made from indigenous (native to their regions) grape varieties. This means that you will not only taste outstanding wines during our events, but also learn about wines and grapes that are not known to the broad public.

Most of the wines that we present you on our wine events are hard or impossible to find in the Netherlands. Many of the wines are our own import via Once Upon A

The wine tastings and food pairings are organized by our founder, Henrietta Straton, a WSET certified wine educator, wine tour organizer and wine event host. So expect our events to be highly informative and feel free to ask any questions related to winemaking, winegrowing, wine regions and wine tasting.

We organize wine tastings at diverse restaurants in Amsterdam and base our decision on the availability of authentic food pairing options to match our unusual wines.

Join us and discover wines you didn't know existed!


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Private wine tasting in Amsterdam tasting unusual wines from Italy's lessern known regions

date announced soon!

Not your usual Italy.
10 lesser known Italian grapes

Everyone knows about Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Vermentino, Glera if called by it's original name (Prosecco) would be the most famous. What about the wines that you won't find at your corner shop? Cessanese, Cannonau, Freisa, Arneis, Piedirosso and many more await for your attention!

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Private wine tasting in Amsterdam tasting wines coming from off-the-radar regions - island wines, volcanic wines, grapes revived from extinction

date announced soon!

Europe's Heroic Viticulture

Why would someone plant vines on an active volcano? Or find a steep cliff above the sea with a 60 degree incline? We're going to raise our glasses for the ones who do, and, of course, examine in details their terroir, grapes and wines!

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Private organic wine tasting in Amsterdam with wines coming from the Balkans - Slovenian wines, Croatian wines, Serbian wines, Turkish wines in the Netherlands

date announced soon!

The Balkan Terroirs

Often neglected by classical wine courses, so we're going to dive deep into Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Albanian, N. Macedonian and Turkish wines to crack their terroirs & grapes!

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