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My name is Henrietta, I could tell a long story about how did I quit my job and fully dedicated my life to wine… but I’d rather speak about wine, then what was before it :)


I ended up in Bordeaux in March 2018 just because the flight was so cheap. At that point I knew nothing about wine, but while planning my 3-day stay I realized there is a very special medieval town called Saint-Emilion that is not to miss. Its’ ancient walls are surrounded by vineyards and there are more than 800 wineries to visit just in this little gem town alone. After my winery visit in Saint-Emilion I realized that winemaking is the most beautiful and sophisticated business one can run, but I haven´t even hoped to ever get involved.


In a month another unexpected trip happened. It was Budapest and I came up with an idea of visiting the famous Tokaj wine region while doing my research. Here another discovery awaited for me. Although the winery was stunning and one of the most award-winning in Tokaj, our wine guide was absolutely clueless… Here I realized that apparently it doesn’t take a lifetime to learn enough to be in wine, and actually my school addiction with biology combined with all I absorbed during my 3-day stay in Bordeaux was already more than a wine guide at a top winery may know.


In December 2018 just out of either boredom or curiosity I enrolled in a wine course. Having no expectations and no clue about what the Wine and Spirit Education Trust was I passed it with 93% correct answers. Now I knew that I’ll be pursuing all the following levels.


Next year I travelled to Burgundy and Bordeaux to pass with distinction my WSET level 2 and level 3 courses. But in between… all my trips became dedicated to wine - this way I learned viticulture and winemaking from the best teachers - winemakers and winery owners, and mastered planning wine trips to perfection.


I visited dozens of wineries across all around Italy and France (and beyond) in one year. Most of them - family-run with small production, making wine of exceptional quality that you’re very unlikely to find in your local wine shop. This led to my focus being switched to organic and biodynamic wine - believe someone who’s seen and tasted it on her own: nature-friendly production is the right way winemaking should take.


So here I am today, ready to follow my studies and pursue the WSET Diploma in Wine and happy and competent to plan a perfect wine tour or a whole wine vacation for you.

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