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Wine Tours in Europe

Off-the-radar wine regions and wine tours

In Europe there's a wine region

behind every corner, yet people

still go to the same overly

visited places, visit same

big named industrial producers,

taste wines that actually

taste the same...

Whether it's a lesser-known region or a big name on Europe's wine map - what's guaranteed is that I'll take you to small scale family-run wineries producing wines of local (often rare and sometimes revived from extinction) grapes in respect with nature by practicing organic and biodynamic viticulture.


Upcoming Wine Tours tours can be organized for private groups too and it's fine if you're not based in Netherlands as we meet at the destination

Upcoming Events-5.png

Turkey Wine Tour.
Thrace Wine Route

Ready to discover the wine gems of
western Turkey?

Starts September 8, 2022

€ 800

romania wine tour.png

Romania Wine Tour.
Southern Romania

Thousands of years of winemaking legacy.

Starts October 20, 2022

€ 550

Would you like to join the waiting list for my other
wine tours?
Or are you interested in a destination that is not on the agenda yet?

Reach out below!



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