Wine Tours in Europe

Organic & Biodynamic Winery Visits

In Europe there's a wine region behind

every corner, yet people still go to the

same overly visited places, visit same

big named industrial producers,

taste wines that actually

taste the same...

Whether it's a lesser-known region or a big name on Europe's wine map - what's guaranteed is that I'll take you to small scale family-run wineries producing wines of local (often rare and sometimes revived from extinction) grapes in respect with nature by practicing organic and biodynamic viticulture.


Let's go?


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Etna Wine Tour - Italy's Volcanic Wines. Part #1

There is no same square meter of vineyard soil on Etna. Generously covered by mineral cocktails of lava directly from the always active, never dormant Etna volcano. This volcanic wine trip is for the ones who want to taste soil in their wine - a 100% terroir discovery tour as we'll be tasting completely different wines from the same producers, same grape varieties, same vintages but different vineyards. Let yourself be carried away by the flavours of Her Majesty, Etna.

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Biodynamic & Organic Bordeaux - not your typical CabSauv

Do you also think that world's most common wine is the typical Bordeaux blend and there's definitely no way terroir-driven wines can occur in the most commercial wine region on Earth?

Let me prove you wrong by taking you on a wine tour full of winemaking miracles - a chateau that has been organic since 16th century, clay amphoraes, open tank fermentation, no sulphur, horses, goats and chicken in the vineyard. Yes, this is the Bordeaux you want to be in!

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Reviving The Extinct Grape Varieties of Turkey

Does Turkey make wine? In fact, it makes hell of a wine, in fact, viticulture originates from the Caucase, in fact, Turkey has more than 1000 native grape varieties. Ready to discover them while traveling the dream of any holidaymaker's country? Gastronomy, wines and miraculous natural sights await for you!

Rare, revived from extinction grapes and outstanding wines that you've never tasted before!


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