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Your WSET Wine Educator in Amsterdam

wset wine course amsterdam

Hi, I’m Henrietta, a WSET certified wine educator obsessed with the origin of things.

Wine is a lot more than an alcoholic beverage that pairs well with food for me. I believe it’s our cultural heritage - we’ve been making wine on this planet for more than 8000 years and were evolving as species while mastering the craft of making wine.


Wine history, culture and the indigenous grapes is what keeps pushing me to learn more and give more. This curiosity is what I try to spread to wine students.

I do a lot of things around wine. In 2018 I completed my WSET courses while travelling the Burgundy and Bordeaux regions. Since 2019 I’ve been organizing wine tastings and wine tours to exceptional off-the-radar wine regions. I settled in the Netherlands a few months ago and plan on continuing to work in this direction along with spreading the passion for wine among the Eleanor Wine Academy students.

See you in the classroom!


WSET courses Amsterdam